A Viking in school presentation for Key stage two.

Viking School Visits

While experience of Viking life is important to understanding the Vikings, It’s also important  that I’m able to convey that knowledge to your pupils. So you’re naturally wondering what experience do I have with schools?

Well, Lore and Saga was  established in 1998 after many years of working with other educational organisations such as the National Trust and Murton Park, one of the countries best known and busiest living history education providers.

A Viking in school presentation for the National Curriculum.

The presentation begins by establishing a time frame and discussing the evidence. I will be in fully accurate clothing from the period and the equipment I will bring to support the session will all be faithful reproductions of original archaeological finds and the best up to date information.

The main body of the talk is designed to involve the children in exploring the core issues of the  topic and is interactive and fast moving.

Many teachers comment on the huge amount of information that I manage to pack into a short space of time and, more importantly, how well the children  remember it all afterwards.

demonstrating firelighting as part of a Viking school visit.

It’s not all talk of course, there will be demonstrations and opportunities for the children to get involved as well.

We explore Viking life as sailors, settlers, farmers, traders and craftspeople.

Of course, when discussing the Vikings, the subject of battle and violence is unavoidable.

It can however be handled in a way that does not glorify the subject and this is the approach I prefer to take.

A closer look at the artefacts during a Viking in school session.

Living history interpretation is an ideal way to engage the interest of such busy enquiring minds. By presenting them with not just an image of a historical figure but a real person that will talk and interact with them you can break down barriers to learning and present knowledge in a format that is truly  memorable.

The Viking school visits are designed to be fitted into the topic at any point, so you can either use it to reinforce your own lessons or use it as a primer to build upon.

Learning how to build a shield wall as part of a Viking craft day.
Making a Viking oil lamp as part of a Viking craft day with Lore and Saga.
Just try telling this lad he's not having a great day. part of  Viking in school presentation with Loreand Saga.

I will normally arrive at the school about an hour before the session starts and will need parking for a van and access to a space to set up, this could be a school hall or a clear space in a classroom big enough for the children, me and a lot of equipment

If an activity day is being booked then tables and chairs will also be needed in the afternoon and these sessions often work better in a larger space like a school hall or gym although they can sometimes work in two closely located classrooms.

Warfare is shown to be only a tiny part of the lives of the Vikings and perhaps the least interesting or appealing.

My presentations are about Living History not Dying History.

Modern children are being brought up in a world where the internet, television, social media and game consoles all compete for attention, it is not surprising that they are less likely to sit down and search for  information from a book than children of the past.

During those two decades,  school visits and workshops have become the major part of my work and I now deliver almost 200 school presentations a year.

I actually stopped keeping a full count a few years back, but at that point I had presented about 2000 sessions to well over 90000 children. The majority of those presentations were Viking school visits but other topics included Romans, Celts and Pirates, both in school and on fixed heritage sites.

Probably the most important statistic though is that 72% of those school visits have been regular repeat bookings, with many of these schools describing their Viking day as an essential highlight of their school year.

A half day in school presentation lasts about two and a half hours, spread over a morning or afternoon. This timing can usually be fitted around your school routine.

Viking activity days are our most popular  sessions and they include costume for the children and a round-robin session of four Viking related crafts and activities in the afternoon.

All craft materials are provided and included in the booking price.

If time allows the day can be rounded off with a saga telling or open questions from the children.

My intention is to use every minute you can give me to give your children one of the best days they will ever have in school.

After two decades of providing these sessions for schools, some of the pupils I worked with when I started, are now booking me to teach the children in their own classrooms.

I think that speaks volumes.

Please note that due to enhanced hygiene requirements for Covid-19 we are currently unable to provide children’s costumes for our activity days. We apologise for this necessary precaution.

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